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Strawbango Hot Sauce


Made with the freshest Central PA strawberries from Bee Tree Berry Farm, this hot sauce is around for a very limited time, once it's gone, it's gone till next year! Plump juicy strawberries are blended with mangoes and a hint of balsamic and black pepper that make this sauce good on a bowl of vanilla ice cream or a piece of grilled salmon, truly unique and one of a kind!

Bulgogi Asian BBQ Sauce - 2016 Golden Chile Winner - 2015 World Hot Sauce Award - 2015 Scovie Award Winner


My sister-in-law, Sujin, shared her recipe for a traditional Korean dish called bulgogi with me. The recipe is traditionally a marinated flank sliced very thin and then typically cooked at the table on a small grill called gogi gui in Korean. The steak is then placed on a piece of lettuce with other ingredients such as rice and kimchee, rolled up, and typically eaten in one bite.

The marinade for the steak (bulgogi) is a wonderful combination of all five of the different tastes, which is typically found in most Korean food: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. I drew inspiration for the Bulgogi Asian BBQ Sauce from Sujin's delicious marinade recipe to create this unique BBQ sauce. Perfect as a steak sauce as well a BBQ sauce for chicken, pork and seafood.
Proudly made with local ingredients from:
Jade Family Farm
Clan Stewart Farm
Eden View Organics
Ardry Farm




Hot Sauce Gift Set


The hot sauce gift set comes any 3 hot sauces. 

​Pick 3 and click "Buy Now"

Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce - 2015 1st Place Golden Chile Award for Best Fruit Based Hot Sauce

$ 7.50

Our best selling hot sauce! This unique sauce is made with ghost peppers a golden pineapple to create this slightly sweet but incredibly delicious hot sauce. First you get the sweetness of the fruit, and then the heat of the peppers catch you in the back of your palate, this sauce truly is not only hot, but delicious as well!


Made with local ingredients from:

  • Meadow View Farm


Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce


This hot sauce has a medium heat from habanero and black pepper which enhance the local farm fresh crisp pears. The key limes give it a bright, citrus flavor. Perfect on poultry, fish and pork, this is one hot sauce you won't find anywhere else!



Roasted Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Winner of the 2014 Lenny Award for Best Green Sauce


We roast the jalapenos with tomatillos, onions and garlic.  This is a great everyday sauce.  Not super hot and lots of flavor.


Made with local ingredients from:

  • Mothersbaugh Farm



Sinclair's Fatalii Hot Sauce


Slightly citrusy Fatalli peppers with perfectly balanced heat to make this straight up, flavorful hot sauce. Named after one of our young customers, Sinclair, who brought us his own homegrown Fatalii peppers to make hot sauce with. We loved the recipe so much, we named the sauce after him


Made with local ingredients from:

  • Smoking J's Fiery Foods



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